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General Election on November 3, 2020

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DuPage County

Downers Grove Township Races


State’s Attorney (incumbent: Robert "Bob" Berlin)

No Candidate (D)


Robert “Bob” Berlin (R)


Clerk of the Circuit Court  (incumbent: Chris Kachiroubas)

Candice Adams (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Chris Kachiroubas (R)


Auditor (incumbent: Bob Grogan)

Bill White (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Bob Grogan (R)


Coroner  (incumbent: Richard Jorgensen)

Greg Whalen (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Richard Jorgensen (R)

Recorder  (incumbent: Fred Bucholz)

Kathleen Carrier (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook

Babette Holder Youngberg (R)

County Board – District 2 (incumbent: Sean Noonan)

Paula Deacon-Garcia (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Sean Noonan (R)


County Board – District 3 (incumbent: Brian J. Krajewski)

Gail Cabala-Lowry (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook

Video: A Message from Gail Cabala-Lowry


Brian J. Krajewski (R)

Forest Preserve – District 2 (incumbent: Jeffrey Redick)

Tina Tyson-Dunne (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Karen L. Kelly (R)



Other Races in DuPage County


County Board – District 1 (incumbent: Donald E. Puchalski)

Zahra Suratwala (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook

Donald E. Puchalski (R)


County Board – District 4 (incumbent: Tim Elliott)

Lynn LaPlante (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Tim Elliott (R)

County Board – District 5 (incumbent: James Healy)

Amy Chavez (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Kevin Coyne (R)

County Board – District 6 (incumbent: Robert L. “Bob” Larsen)

Greg Schwarze (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Robert L. “Bob” Larsen (R)

Forest Preserve – District 4 (incumbent: Tim Whelan)

Jeff Gahris (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Tim Whelan (R)


Forest Preserve – District 5 (incumbent: Mary Lou Wehrli)

Barb O’Meara (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook


Mary Lou Wehrli (R)

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