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General Election on November 3, 2020

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DuPage County 18th Circuit Court

** DGTDO Races

** 18th Judicial (Bakalis)

Peggy O’Connell (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook

F. McCluskey (R)

** 18th Judicial (O’Shea)

Azam Nizamuddin (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook

Richard D. Felice (R)

** 18th Judicial (Sutter)

Jill Otte (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook

Ann Celine Walsh (R)

** 18th Judicial (Anderson)

Jeff Jacobson (D)  |  Email  |  Website  |  FaceBook

Monique O’Toole (R)

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A copy of our report is available from the State Board of Elections,

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