Be a Poll Watcher

Get involved during Early Voting and on Election Day to ensure a fair, inclusive and open election?  You can Be a Poll-Watcher. If there are errors email Sue at

Volunteer and sign up for a shift (2 weeks prior to November 3)


email Maryann Vazquez

Responsibilities of a Poll-Watcher


"Pollwatcher Guide(DuPage County Election Commission)

"Poll-Watcher Checklist"  (DGTDO)

"Poll Watchers" An Overview"  (DGTDO)

"Poll-Watcher Training" (Video Courtesy of Lisle Township Dems)

"Top 11 Things Democratic Poll Watchers Need to Know" (Courtesy of Democratic Party of DuPage County training)

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A copy of our report is available from the State Board of Elections,

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